Concrete Parking Lots Vs. Asphalt Parking Lots: Which One Is Better?

Concrete Parking Lots Vs. Asphalt Parking Lots: Which One Is Better?

Looking to build a new parking lot in Las Cruces, NM? If yes, you will have to choose between concrete or asphalt as your construction material.

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Choosing between cement concrete and hot-mix asphalt involves several factors. Traditionally, cement has been the preferred choice for parking lot construction for parking lots across the US.

Over the years, however, commercial property owners have switched to asphalt pavement. However, both materials are still used widely and offer their own unique benefits. Today, we will provide you with an overview of asphalt and concrete, highlighting each’s key features.


Comprising aggregate and binders, asphalt is preferred by many parking lot contractors because of its wide-ranging benefits. One can particularly lay an asphalt pavement over any surface, be it natural soil or a gravel base layer. The material offers enough flexibility to withstand shifts in the ground, provided it is paved correctly.

You can also go for asphalt parking lots if you have a limited budget, as asphalt has a lower construction cost. The initial cost of installing new asphalt may not be significantly cheap, but you will get monetary benefits over the years.

For one thing, asphalt parking lots are easy to maintain, and you can even perform most repairs without closing your business. More importantly, an asphalt parking lot can easily last you 15 to 20 years, making it a worthwhile investment.

Not to mention, asphalt parking lots offer safety benefits as well. Asphalt lowers traffic noise and provides a smoother drive. Plus, you can get beautiful line markings painted on a blacktop parking lot. All this helps you adhere to local safety codes and avoid costly litigation due to accidents and injuries on your parking lot.

Let’s now move over to the benefits of using concrete to build parking lots in Las Cruces, NM.


Unlike asphalt pavement, concrete parking lots are built on natural soils. They also remain rigid, even when subject to heavy traffic, and this is one of the major reasons why concrete has currency in the pavement industry. 

One shouldn’t also get the impression that somehow concrete is the more expensive of the two options. Even if you have to pay more upfront, the long-term cost of a concrete pavement is the same, if not lower, than asphalt.

And as already mentioned, concrete is ideal if you expect heavy loads on your parking lot, especially with loading and docking areas. 

This was an overview of the benefits of both concrete and asphalt parking lots. Both offer durability and beauty to your commercial space, provided you perform the necessary maintenance and repairs. Ultimately, your construction material choice will depend on your time, budgetary concerns, and personal preferences.

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