Crack Sealing

We use crack sealing when your asphalt surface cracks open due to extreme heat, freeze-thaw cycle, and poor installation—all results of using low-quality asphalt or improper fitting techniques. Whatever the cause may be, and no matter how big or small the cracks are on your surface, our crack sealing specialists fill in those cracks using hot melted polymer.

This melted sealant is poured directly into the cracked surfaces, that forms into a rigid binding rubbery material after cooling down. This material keeps the surface intact regardless of how big or small the damage is – and prevents it from water damage.

Crack sealing is essential because if these cracks are ignored and are not sealed on time, they can stretch out to become much more aggressive cracks later on. This compromises your surface’s structure, and weakens it to the point of complete and severe damage, leading to the need for total asphalt replacement!