Customized Striping
We can’t even imagine what life would be on the road without numerous marks, lines, and signs guiding us along the way. Every minute there would be an accident, and the lives of those nearby walking would also be in constant danger. Thankfully, Straight Edge comes to your rescue and offers customized line striping services for residential and commercial properties. Have a color in mind besides yellow? Our line striping experts will carefully stripe your property with precisely-spaced and straight lines to ensure drivers are shielded from car crashes and collisions. If you have existing lines that have faded or were lined with absolute inaccuracy and carelessness, let us get rid of this problem for you. We will accurately line your parking lots and driveways using colors you have handpicked yourself. And if you are quite the creative person, and have designed unconventional lines and markings to be striped, we promise to take care of that too!
Parking Lot & Residential Striping
It is no exaggeration to say that your parking lot’s condition will give your visitor a clear idea about how well or poorly your business is performing. The same goes for homeowners and their oft-neglected driveway with faded, or completely missing, line stripes. Line striping is essential to establish easier maneuvering for your customers in parking lots. It helps them determine entry and exit passages and prevents parking lots from becoming a crowded mess. Our parking lot and residential line striping help drivers and pedestrians know how to navigate commercial and residential areas with ease and prevent life-threatening accidents and collisions. Our line striping services involve using striping trucks that carefully outline spaces between car parking slots using measures calculated by support materials and stencils. These stencils are used to mark off spaces for drivers (including handicapped) so that they can park their cars without the fear of bumping into other vehicles and drivers. We use our line striping service to give your unorganized parking lot and driveway a smooth and streamlined flow it was missing!
Road Striping
A simple yet incorrectly lined arrow can land you in a car crash. This goes to show just how vital arrows and signs on roads are when driving. We offer road striping services as per your instructions. So whether you are looking to stripe a lengthy line on a highway or a one-way street, we do it all. Straight Edge’s road striping services will create demarcation lines to divide the two sections on the road. This will help drivers know where to stop, when to turn, and which line not to trespass on. These are all necessary elements in establishing road safety, reduced traffic, and overall stress-free driving experience! No matter what length of stripes your road needs, we got you covered! Get in touch with our line striping services to avoid road chaos and confusion!