Asphalt Pavement

Both asphalt and concrete have their fair share of pros and cons. One of the many advantages of using asphalt is that it doesn’t require frequent repairs and is why it’s a winner in our books!

Asphalt pavement consists of using a mixture of crushed rock, cement, and sand, which are all collectively heated before being dumped onto the roadbed. Asphalt takes precedence over concrete simply because, with asphalt, there are fewer cracks, chips, and surface color fading issues.

So with asphalt, you can be confident your sidewalks, driveways, and roads will last for several years without requiring extensive repair. This is why we at Straight Edge always recommend our clients to go for asphalt. It is highly resistant to the weight of heavy trucks and cars, requires very minimal repair, and immediately amps up your driveways’, parking lots,’ and sidewalks’ appearance!

We cater to two kinds of asphalt services


A dull, faded, and downright crumbled driveway is no way to welcome your guests, or yourself, home. Asphalt secures your residential property by ensuring your driveway and roads are protected from water seepage, potholes, and large bothersome cracks. With its lusciously black texture, your driveways and roads will look instantly inviting and enhance your property’s overall appeal!

Hospitals, grocery stores, university campuses, and retail areas, Straight Edge does it all! We use a top-grade asphalt aggregate mixture when paving roads, sidewalks, and parking lots to ensure unshakeable commercial asphalt structures. And since asphalt is a resilient, durable, and reliable paving material, your pavements can easily last from 20-25 years without needing full-blown repair and replacement! Get in touch with our paving experts to spruce up your commercial property.  Leave an ever-lasting impression on your visitors when they drive by your store’s parking lot!