4 Ways Property Managers Can Budget Their Asphalt Paving Project

4 Ways Property Managers Can Budget Their Asphalt Paving Project

As a property manager in El Paso, TX, you may have some asphalt pavement assets to take care of. Asphalt maintenance can become a nuisance, especially if you have an aging parking lot that keeps asking for repairs. 

But what if you are running on a budget? How do you apportion funds for asphalt repair while at the same time keep expenses in check?

This is where your annual maintenance budget comes in. 

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Here we list four ways you can prepare yourself financially for asphalt projects.

1. Evaluate The Pavement’s Condition

Your asphalt pavement’s condition determines how much money you will have to spend on maintenance and repairs. This is especially true for commercial pavement like parking lots, as they get high daily traffic.

Also, see whether the damage is in a particular area or spread over the surface. For instance, you may notice depressions in your parking lot’s loading area caused by heavy traffic. Fixing such issues is less expensive than, say, resurfacing the entire lot. 

This brings us to the next point. 

2. Repair Or Replace? 

When it comes to paving materials, asphalt offers excellent durability. The average pavement can last up to two decades. 

That said, there comes a time in the pavement’s life cycle when it is no longer feasible to spend money on repairs. That money would be better spent on repaving your pavement. So, determine whether you need to repair or replace your asphalt pavement when creating a budget. 

3. Consider The Lifecycle

As we just discussed, you need to know your pavement’s lifecycle. If you installed a parking lot less than a decade ago, you probably wouldn’t have to bear any major repairs. However, if the pavement has crossed the 15-year mark, it is prudent to start budgeting for a replacement.   

4. Check For Cracks

Not all cracks are dangerous. You can easily repair cracks that are less than an inch deep with crack filling and sealing. But if they are not fixed on time, cracks can expand with the freeze-thaw cycle and damage the entire surface. The size of the cracks will determine how much you need to spend to get them fixed. 

Before summing up, you should also factor in the time required for maintenance. As a property manager, you have to consider the time and work-flow needed for each parking lot paving project and inform your residents, tenants, employees, customers, etc. 

The best way to go about it is by partnering with a reliable asphalt paving contractor. Your contractor will not only provide accurate estimates but will also offer emergency services. Ultimately, a reliable asphalt paving contractor will help you save time and money with asphalt repairs.  

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