Why Sealcoating Is more Cost-Effective Than A Road Laid Bare!

Why Sealcoating Is more Cost-Effective Than A Road Laid Bare!

Take a long, hard look at your driveway or parking lot, and decide whether it’s acceptable to neglect the graying asphalt, get it repaved, or take the rejuvenate & seal coat step?

Straight Edge Contractors suggest repaving as the consequential norm for pavement that can’t be recovered due to years of pavement distresses like ruts, cracks, slippage, & potholes. But where your asphalt is just a bit cracked and gray, you can take the seal coat route to revive your surfaces!

Sealcoating: A Review

It is a class of surface protectants & treatments, usually exclusive to asphalt pavement, involving bituminous material emulsified in an aqueous solution. The liquid is heated & dispensed over pavement, allowed to cure, and then it protects the asphalt from oxidation & pavement failure.

Application Essentials

  1. Spray or squeegee are the two most common techniques for applying sealer.
  2. You need clean, oil-free asphalt surfaces for the coat to adsorb onto the pavement.
  3. Humid or cold weather does not favor seal coats or emulsions. Care should be taken to restrict seal coats to stable summer months.
  4. Keep an eye out for rain or sources of humidity that can interfere with the coat’s adhesion to the pavement.
  5. To ensure a successful seal coating, the air and pavement temperatures should be at least 55°F for the duration of the application and for eight hours after it is completed.

Facts & Benefits!

  1. Asphalt pavement is almost indestructible, thanks to the seal coat that fills surface damage and gives a protective barrier against eroding UV rays, vehicle fluids, and water.
  2. A regular coating on your asphalt driveway can save you money in the long run. A properly cared for and sealed asphalt pavement has a longer lifespan and reduces future repair expenses.
  3. As the asphalt pavement is exposed to the elements, it becomes worn over time. Asphalt looks and feels like new after a fresh seal coat application.
  4. Sealing the pavement with epoxy sealer hastens roadways’ snow and ice melting process. This helps prevent water intrusion, rain, frost, and snow damage.
  5. Among seal coats, the emulsions emerged as a protective coating that can work to some degree at colder temperatures above freezing.

The Cost-Effective Part?

Essentially, when your asphalt pavement, parking lot, driveway, or even an outdoor sports court are protected by a variant of a seal coat, that means curb erosion & pavement longevity. That means fewer repair intervals, though you have to remain regular on annual maintenance.

The longer your parking lot pavement maintains a blacktop, the more attractive it is to visitors with business in the surrounding areas.

A seal coat helps you gain maintenance & repair savings because the asphalt is protected from reactive damage from the weather & vehicles. If you want to keep your asphalt surfaces performing optimally, you better sign up with us, Straight Edge Contractors, for repairs, drainage design, ADA compliance & much more.

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