When Should You Call Your Contractor To Repair Your Cracked Concrete?

When Should You Call Your Contractor To Repair Your Cracked Concrete?

When it comes to paving, nothing beats the strength and durability of concrete. However, at some point, all concrete pavement surfaces experience cracking as well as other signs of damage. If your pavement has worn out or showing signs of aging, don’t ignore the warning signs and get it repaired immediately. 

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Today, we will list down some possible scenarios where it is better to call your contractor instead of handling concrete repairs on your own.

Cosmetic Issues

To start off, cosmetic issues arise on a concrete surface if the initial paving was handled poorly. For instance, you may notice small pieces of concrete popping out of the pavement or hairline cracks on the surface.

Repairing these cosmetic issues mostly requires a thin resurfacing job. If you performed the initial work yourself, chances are you may not have mixed the cement properly. In this case, you should call your contractor to fix the cosmetic issues.

And if a contractor performed the initial paving, then it’s time to call a new one!

Structural Cracking

Not all concrete cracks require professional expertise. In most cases, property owners can fix minor cracks on their own without spending a lot of money.

However, you need to call your contractor if there is structural cracking on your driveway or parking lot. This is the kind of cracking that can deteriorate the structural integrity of your pavement. Structural cracking commonly affects areas like support beams and columns, as well as load-bearing areas.

Drainage Issues

Some concrete issues are easy to ignore. But they end up worsening over time, putting your property at risk of significant damage. Drainage issues are a good example of factors that can severely deteriorate your concrete pavement, leading to costly repair work.

That is why it is always a good investment to hire a certified contractor who can inspect your property to look for underlying drainage problems. If there is water trapped beneath the surface, you can expect water damage and cracking. This can worsen in winters when the water turns into ice and expands the cracks on your concrete.

Moreover, fixing issues with broken or clogged gutters and drains goes well beyond the expertise of the average homeowner. One has to remove the concrete to spot the problem, fix the issue, and patch the repaired area again.

Sunken Slabs

Whether it is residential or commercial property, sunken concrete slabs are a trip hazard for pedestrians. You can patch sunken concrete as a quick fix (or to save money), but we strongly recommend that you call your contractor to provide a long-term solution.

This is because concrete sinking is usually caused by sub-base erosion, which requires professional expertise to add fresh concrete under the surface.

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