We Are Reliable. Just Ask The Government!

We Are Reliable. Just Ask The Government!

Construction companies worldwide provide similar work, ranging from asphalt and concrete pavement to residential and commercial pavement projects. What differentiates the good ones from the bad is how well they manage their customer services and product quality.

Despite all the professionalism and hardworking paving contractors show, they are often at the receiving end of backlash due to the enormous work pressure, site environment, and weather conditions that are usually not in their favor. Still, these experts tend to produce well-developed and high-quality pavement for their clients.

Straight Edge Contractors is one such construction company that started small scale from a father-son business and has now risen to provide exceptional paving and high-quality end product all across El Paso, TX. Click here to know more. 

Our team excels in providing unmatched asphalt and concrete services to all commercial and residential clients alike. Not only that, but we have also collaborated with the government to build a missile base near El Paso, TX, for our military. Indeed, this was a massive turnover for our company and a highlight of our pavement projects.

Although our paving services may sound similar to other paving companies, our dedication, commitment, and premium quality results made us outshine our competitors.

If you wonder how we did it, the following are our few qualities that helped us get the government contract to build the missile base!

1. Exceptional Quality

At Straight Edge Contractors, we are firm believers of quality over anything. This is the main reason why our clients have always been satisfied with the result.

Our team uses the best quality products combined with high-tech machinery and techniques to fulfill all the specified paving requirements and specifications. Also, the skills and over the years of experience of our professionals allow us to provide consistency in quality to our clients.

2. Cost Efficiency

While many paving contractors claim to provide quality work at reasonable rates, several external costs ultimately increase the paving budget.

However, with Straight Edge Contractors, clients never have to worry about going out of their way to get their pavement installed or repaired. Our professionals ensure delivering quality results within the budget provided.

3. High-Quality Raw Material

The raw material used for different construction purposes at Straight Edge Contractors is of the best quality to create the best possible product for the long run.

Our experts cater to all pavement requirements and environmental factors to buy suitable products for paving. With their immense knowledge and familiarity in handling various pavement projects, clients are guaranteed nothing but excellent quality results.

4. Availability

The team of professional and skilled workers at Straight Edge Contractors is available round the clock to cater to any pavement query that you may have at any time.

We believe that good customer service is the way to making a trustworthy relationship with the clients for the long term. Our services include asphalt pavement construction and repair, concrete pavement construction, road striping, sealcoating, crack sealing, and many more.

Trust our team at Straight Edge Contractors with your pavement needs in El Paso, TX, and we assure keeping up with all your project requirements and expectations. Click here to contact us today.