The Importance Of Edging Asphalt Pavement With Straight Edge

The Importance Of Edging Asphalt Pavement With Straight Edge

Edging asphalt is about more than aesthetics; it makes it more robust and blocks weeds. The most effective weed prevention method would be to lay down geotextile fabric under your blacktop pad. However, if this isn’t in the budget right now, the next best thing is to edge your asphalt with straight edge tools regularly. Straight Edge Contractors LLC will highlight the importance of edging your asphalt in this blog post.

1. Edging Your Asphalt Makes It Stronger

A significant benefit of having well-edged asphalt is that it makes it much more substantial than un-edged asphalt. If you fail to edge your asphalt regularly, then over time, there will be significant cracking throughout the pavement, which leads to considerable damage later on down the line when you’ll need to tear up and replace large sections of asphalt at a time. Not to mention the ruts and craters that will start to appear, which make it difficult for drivers to navigate across safely.

2. Aesthetics Matter

Looks aren’t everything, but they do matter. The last thing you want is an un-edged asphalt driveway because, over time, it’s going to look worn and weathered and just downright crappy. It happens with edged blacktop as well, but not nearly as fast as un-edged asphalt, making it much more aesthetically pleasing if you’re looking to sell your property down the line—especially if you have gravel borders!

3. Edging Your Asphalt Will Make It Durable

There are lots of things that impact how long your asphalt will last without maintenance, but one of the most significant contributors is if it’s edged or not. Think about it this way – How long would a rug last in your living room if you never vacuumed underneath it? Probably not very long because over time, dust and dirt will accumulate there, and you’ll end up with a filthy-looking carpet that needs to be replaced.

4. It Keeps Your Pavement Easier To Maintain

Edging asphalt keeps weeds from taking root in the cracks between paving stones and makes cleaning and maintenance easier because debris can’t get trapped inside where you can’t reach it.

Whether you’re doing the edging or calling in a professional landscaping company to do it for you, use straight edge tools to keep your asphalt looking great, and everyone will appreciate the effort!

If you have any outdoor area on your property—from a driveway around your house to garden pathways or part of your backyard—you might want to consider making sure that the edges are as clean and clear as possible. The reason this matters is because, over time, grass and other vegetative plants will begin to infringe on your asphalt, making scruffy-looking edges. Grass grows very quickly and can force its way into cracks in the asphalt, while weeds grow up through the pavement itself.

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