We always refer sealcoating as the final icing on the cake; it’s the last step of paving your asphalt surface. Sealcoating ‘coats’ your asphalt roads and driveways with a thick black tar mixture, thereby preventing it from surface damage, water penetration, and vulnerability to cracks and chips.

It also ‘seals’ your asphalt pavement from exposure to harsh UV rays and stubborn oil stains left by trucks and vehicles. Essentially, sealcoating is a protective adhesive for your surface that glues all the essential elements of the asphalt structure in place. And, not to forget, sealcoating also gives your surface a lush black appearance, which typically takes much longer to fade as compared to concrete and other paving materials.

Leave it to our experts to give your dull-looking roads and driveways a makeover with our sealcoating services. We will evenly sealcoat your surface to prolong its lifespan and strengthen its integral structure using a spray or squeegee application.