Questions A Professional Sealcoating Contractor Will Answer Positively

Questions A Professional Sealcoating Contractor Will Answer Positively

A sealcoating contractor is an expert who will efficiently seal your asphalt or concrete pavement. Sealants are designed to protect surfaces from water, oil, stains, and the elements. Sealers provide a long-lasting finish that is more durable than paint alone. You may want to ask many questions before hiring a contractor for your project to ensure they are professional and reliable.

Here are some of the questions a professional sealcoating company will answer positively:

Is it Necessary to Clean the Pavement Before Sealcoating?

Yes! Before sealcoating the pavement, you must clean the surface. You will want to sweep away any loose debris like leaves or dirt before sealcoating begins. If stubborn stains are on your asphalt driveway sealer, use a pressure washer to scrub them off before applying sealant.

Is it Necessary to Fill the Cracks and Fix the Surface Before Sealcoating?

Yes! Sealcoating is a great way to seal the surface, however, if you want your sealcoat application to last as long as possible, you will need to make sure those cracks are filled with an asphalt crack filler before applying sealant.

Is it Necessary that I Patch Holes in My Driveway Before Sealcoating?

Yes! A sealcoat will help restore your asphalt, but it is still better to fix any holes in your driveway before sealcoating. Patching up those pesky potholes ahead of time means that less sealant will be used, and you won’t have to worry about reapplying the sealcoat soon after.

Is it Necessary to Sealcoat in the Hotter Months?

Yes! A good sealcoating contractor will recommend sealcoating in the late spring or summer months. The asphalt is warmest during these hotter times, ensuring that sealant is laid down even and thick. It also allows asphalt to create a strong bond with sealant, making it less likely to wear off after time.

Is it Necessary that the Temperature is at least 50 Degrees When You Sealcoat?

Yes! A sealcoating contractor will tell you that sealant adhesion is greatest when temperatures are a minimum of 50 degrees. Not only does this ensure that sealant can be applied smoothly, but it also ensures that the sealant dries quickly and evenly to create a strong bond for longevity.

Is it Necessary to Ensure that it will Not Rain in the Next 24 Hours After Applying the Sealant?

Yes! A sealcoating contractor will state that it is essential to ensure there is no precipitation for the next 24 hours after sealant has been applied. It keeps sealant from being washed off the asphalt before reaching its desired bond strength, resulting in premature wear and flaking.

These questions will help you determine if a professional sealcoating contractor is right for your project. If the contractor does not answer positively, it may be time to look elsewhere.

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