Imprudent Parking & How It Means You Need Line Striping On Your Parking Lot

Imprudent Parking & How It Means You Need Line Striping On Your Parking Lot

Making your way downtown, driving fast, faces pass, and suddenly you’re parking-lot-bound. The lots are busy, the asphalt cracked, the parking lot line striping is faint, there are potential bad drivers pulling up and parking haphazardly. You try to reverse and miss a worn-out warning at the turn, and voila! – a fender-bender to further ruin a grocery run on a swelteringly hot day.

To avoid parking mishaps, you need expert parking lot maintenance companies to stripe and re-stripe parking lots. You’ve seen it in the movies: a steady background of cars parking all nice and neat on a well-maintained parking lot. Lines keep people in line!

Here are some solid reasons when and why you need to line stripe and re-stripe every couple of years if you want your parking lot to look neat and conflict-free!

1. Like Sardines in a Can

It’s easy to point at a badly parked cars and make a quip about the drivers being visually impaired, whereas it could be poorly panned lot lines that aren’t apparent enough as a marker to park correctly. Parking lot striping should be done in a manner that allows for the maximum utilization of space without cramming. There are striping formats that can be used to this end (straight, fishbone, angled, handicapped section).

2. Lines? What lines?

Line striping paints are usually water-based acrylics, formulated for brightness, durability, and ease of application by rollers and sprays. They are meant to be vibrant and visible without using thermoplastic reflective paints suited for asphalt and concrete roadways. If these lines are not visible, they present a parking hazard.

3. Parking Violators

Dull or eroded parking lot lines are the bane of a good Midlander. It won’t take long for a parking violator to spot the dull lines and squeeze in. Vehicles parked over the line give more parking space but can hinder the minimum distance to open your vehicle’s door and maximize denting your truck or your neighbor’s SUV.

4. ‘I’m sorry, officer, I’d no idea this was a handicapped spot!’

From the city that brought us the excellent acting skills of Tommy Lee Jones, do not pull the naive act on an officer when caught in a parking violation. Either you are aware and disregarding, or you’re – well – dense. If you see the handicapped spots too far abused as a parking lot owner, it’s time for a severe line striping makeover.

5. Fender-Bender Festival

If you find out that weekly fender-bender statistics are reaching double digits on your turf; time for parking lot line striping. When parking lines are not clear enough, or wholly eroded in places, damaged asphalt and all, accidents are bound to happen. Clear signage, arrows, light fixtures, good pavement, and lines are static modes of communication to guide parking lot traffic seamlessly; hence it needs to be visible without causing distraction.

If you believe that you are plagued by forces of lousy parking and faded lines in Midland, TX, we’re the folks to handle it! At Straight Edge Contractors, we offer a range of asphalt and concrete pavement solutions that include line striping. For a free estimate, drop in to share your details, and we will give you a good deal on how to exorcise those bad parkings away!