How To Make A Concrete Driveway?

How To Make A Concrete Driveway?

Not having a concrete driveway designed to support your vehicle’s drive (car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) or a space dedicated to their temporary parking can be very problematic.

Imagine getting out of your car and lugging the mud/dirt on the undersides of your shoes into your homes. Not a great thought? Hence the need to build a driveway for your cars! Here, a suitable material for making an efficient track is concrete.

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We’ll discuss concrete driveway, their type, and the installation process in today’s blog.

Concrete Type For Driveway

Following are the top three type of concrete that you can choose for your driveway to enhance its aesthetics and durability.

Printed Concrete

Printed concrete is one of the best options for a robust floor covering. This material has the advantage of being resistant to bad weather and corrosion.

The aesthetic aspect is also one of the strengths of this type of concrete. You have many possibilities to personalize it. For example, you can choose the shape, appearance, and color of the driveway. However, the installation cost may be slightly higher. 

Colored Concrete

If you don’t appreciate the grayish tint of classic concrete, brighten your exterior with colored concrete. With this material, you can give your driveway a creative look, which is appealing both aesthetic and originality wise.

You will find a whole range of colors from colored concrete suppliers, as well as floating, swept, or smooth effects. Since it is colored, this type of concrete is distinguished by its durability but is a bit costly.

Deactivated Concrete

Deactivated concrete is categorized as decorative exterior flooring. It is characterized by a rough surface. In other words, its external appearance resembles a gravel driveway.

But, with a few differences, you can easily customize this type of concrete. Thanks to the colored pigment in the elemental composition of concrete, deactivated concrete can be tinted according to the owner’s taste.

Apart from its aesthetic appearance and its non-slip property, deactivated concrete is known for its high resistance to external aggressions. On the price side, this material costs more.

Installing A Concrete Driveway

No matter how tough or rough the “concrete” word sound, its installation is straightforward and easy. All you need to do is follow these five steps to install a brand new concrete driveway.

Preparation Of Concrete

  • Following the foundation completion and the formwork installation, you must define the quantity of concrete you will need.
  • Then you have to mix up your concrete with a concrete mixer. Use a wheelbarrow if the concrete mixer is not available or usable.


  • Pour the concrete inside the formwork.
  • Spread the concrete evenly (pay particular attention to the corners of the formwork where the concrete has the most difficulty accumulating due to friction).


  • Pack the concrete.
  • Remove the excess with a float or shovel.
  • Fill in roughness and inhomogeneity.


  • If you want to get deactivated concrete, you can pour a deactivator on the surface of your still fresh concrete. Then, using a high-pressure cleaner, you will be able to expose the aggregates to obtain an exceptionally aesthetic look.
  • You can also use a pressure washer while the concrete is still fresh, without resorting to a deactivator, to obtain the same result as above.

Drying Time

  • Like all surface and outdoor work, it is necessary to cover the structure with waterproof protection (remember to hold the cover with brick or concrete block to prevent it from blowing away).
  • Allow 3 to 5 days maximum before removing the formwork if you are not pressed for time. Otherwise, 48h is a good compromise, often chosen by professionals.

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