How To Maintain Your Concrete Driveway

How To Maintain Your Concrete Driveway

The concrete driveway of your house is robust and durable. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and of course, your vehicle’s weight. However, just because it can take all of that on the chin doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any maintenance over time.

Keeping your concrete driveway in pristine condition ensures that your driveway maintains its beauty and durability. For this, you need to regularly clean your driveway thoroughly to avoid missing the surface damages. A periodic wash every two months is an excellent way to maintain your concrete driveway.

While concrete doesn’t require as much daily care as other materials might, the grime and grunge eventually builds up, and the dirtier it gets, the more challenging it is to clean. This grime will also spin your driveway into unnecessary havoc. On top of that, the concrete replacement process is much more painful than the simple cleaning process.

Here’s how you can ensure your concrete driveway remains beautiful and durable for many, many years to come.

Understand Your Concrete

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the concrete basics.

The concrete surface is a giant magnet for dirt, rotting leaves, oil, and other gunk to settle in and stick. Washing the surface daily prevents dirt and dust from collecting. Concrete is also somewhat porous; this means that anything we might spill on our driveways soaks into the material, causing a deeper stain.

To preserve your property’s curb appeal, wash your driveway surface frequently. When something does spill, particularly in the case of a leaking motor, tackle it right away, so that the liquids don’t settle in to the concrete and stain it.

Concrete Driveway Cleaning Method

Never give up on concrete! It’s a hardy material that still looks new after many years, despite its age. The following DIY and professional concrete floor-cleaning method will ensure your driveway stays robust and looks its best.

  • First, pick a bright, sunny day with little to no wind
  • Clear the debris with an outdoor vacuum
  • Rinse the driveway using a high-pressure hose spray
  • Spray the entire area from the entrance to the exit
  • Be thorough and careful with corners
  • Add your favorite surface cleaner while the floor is wet and leave it to soak for half an hour
  • Scrub the cleaning solution into the concrete thoroughly with a broom
  • Wash with the hose and let it dry.

A power-washer makes this cleaning process much more efficient and effective, and saves lots of time. Also, while this DIY method is effective, an expert cleaning and repairing service will ensure that the cleaning is done correctly and thoroughly.

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