Home Maintenance Checklist For The Fall

Home Maintenance Checklist For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner. But is your home ready for the season?

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And today, we talk about how you prepare your house for the autumn. Continue reading to learn about the essential home maintenance checklist for the fall. 

  • Clean The Gutters

To start off, the fall season is a great time to clean and possibly replace your gutters. Your home’s drainage works uninterruptedly throughout the year, and it is easy to forget that the gutters also require some care. If they’re clogged, the gutters can cause water damage inside the home and even on the exteriors, especially with the fall debris.

  • Update Weatherstripping

Secondly, you should also check for a draft in the doors and windows of the house. Heat loss from the drafts is a major reason for hefty heating costs, and simple weatherstripping will save you lots of money by preventing heat loss.

  • Clean Your Filters

Speaking of hefty heating bills, clogged filters are also a major reason you find it hard to keep home temperature stable. We suggest that you clean your filters every month instead of waiting for the fall or winter. You can clean disposable filters once before replacing them. Foam filters can be vacuumed but not replaced.  

  • Turn Off Outdoor Faucets

Moving on, many homeowners forget to disconnect their garden hoses from outside spigots. This can result in water freezing when the temperature drops, leading to bursting pipes. You can easily avert this disaster from draining and turning off the outdoor faucets as the fall arrives. 

  • Protect Outdoor Furniture

Having an outdoor space costs time and money, which is why you should store your outdoor furniture indoors during the fall and winter. It’s ideal that you place the outdoor furniture in a garage or shed. But if that doesn’t work out, you can also always consider investing in waterproof covers. 

  • Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn during the fall ensures a healthy garden in spring. It protects the roots from winter damage and will help the lawn green faster when spring arrives. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So fertilize your lawn to keep it green and healthy before the weather becomes rough in El Paso, Texas

  • Fix Cracks In Your Driveway

Finally, you should also look out for cracks on your driveway before winters arrive. Small cracks may not seem dangerous, but they allow water to seep inside and extend the damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle.

The last thing you want is a pothole on your driveway. That is why you should get the cracks filled. And if it has been a long time since your sealcoated the surface, fall is a good time to seal the driveway as well to protect it from winter damage.

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