Fulfill These ADA Guidelines Regarding Parking Lots Or You Will Be In Trouble

Fulfill These ADA Guidelines Regarding Parking Lots Or You Will Be In Trouble

Are you a parking lot owner? Do you want to install a new parking lot pavement? Is there an old parking lot you wish to purchase and renovate before opening it for the public? Whatever your plans are, there is one point for sure; owning a commercial property is not an easy decision.

Constructing a parking lot can no doubt generate profit for your business, but there are some laws and regulations you must abide by. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) proposes parking lots should be accessible by all drivers. If the parking area doesn’t comply with the ADA laws and rules, you can be in serious trouble with the law.

Therefore, ADA compliance is vital if you want to keep your parking lot functional and don’t want any problems. In this blog post, we will discuss seven ADA compliance guidelines for parking lots so that you – as a parking lot owner – do not have to face any inconveniences later.

ADA Compliance Guidelines for Parking Lots

Below are seven ADA compliance guidelines for parking lots that you need to know.

1. Accessibility – Check if you have sufficient accessible parking spots. You need to follow the proper ratio of accessible stalls that are ADA compliant.

2. Dimensions – Make sure that the accessible stalls are of suitable dimensions.

3. For people with disabilities – There must be sufficient accessible parking spaces near the entrance and exit to minimize the distance that people with disabilities have to cover from their car to the building and vice versa.

4. Identifiable – All accessible spots need to be identifiable. This way, all drivers will know which ones are reserved for ADA parking. You can paint additional markings in the appropriate color and put up signs to make them hard to miss.

5. Slopes & ramps – Build proper slopes and ramps nearby entrances and exits, keeping protection and adequate safety in mind.

6. No hindrances – Be sure that the ramps on the accessible route leading to the entrance are available. There should be no hindrances.

7. Truncated domes – Build truncated domes on surfaces where you need to warn drivers of grade changes or pathway hazards.

By following these points, you will stay true to the ADA compliance rules and regulations and assure safe parking and entry and exit from the property for all.

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