Factors Property Managers Need To Consider For Their Paving Project In 2021

Factors Property Managers Need To Consider For Their Paving Project In 2021

A pretty pavilion surrounded by an equally stunning garden is the dream of many project managers.

But, so that the dream does not turn into a nightmare and that you do not find yourself having to spend your days cleaning your interior, it is crucial to think about your exterior’s organization.

At Straight Edge Contractors, we offer expert asphalt and concrete paving services to make your driveway or parking lot durable with optimal performance.

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In this blog, you will find some factors that will allow you to properly consider your spaces’ organization and keep your paving strong for years to come.

1. Moisture

You may like rainy or snowy days, but it is not a good time for installing new pavement. Because the moisture formed can destroy the quality of the material used, it ultimately comprises the pavement’s performance. That’s why it is recommended to choose the weather other than winter or fall so that the paving material has enough time to compact within the surface.

2. Maintenance

Like most property owners, you might also believe that the maintenance process starts once the project is finished. This, however, is not true as the maintenance of the pavement is done side by side during the installation process. By doing so, you can check whether the material you are using is good and the surface forming is sustainable enough to last a specific period.

3. Site Preparation

Whether it is for a road, driveway, or parking lot, paving requires thorough planning and preparation. It is not something that you can begin and end in a day.

Therefore, firstly, you need to prepare the location where you want to lay the asphalt or concrete. For this, you are required to create a solid subgrade foundation that is strong enough to support a pavement structure.

Suppose the weather at the location remains cold throughout the year. In that case, you may also need to evacuate any unsuitable soil from the surface to ensure greater strength and resistance in the pavement.

4. Vehicle Anticipation 

This is one of the most critical factors that property managers often neglect while paving. If you don’t anticipate the vehicle type and its weight before laying the pavement, your pavement might not be strong enough to support it.

Experts recommend thick layers for small cars and trucks. On the other hand, thicker pavement layers are ideal if you are installing parking lots. Remember, the pavement’s design and longevity of the paving material largely depends on the traffic load.

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