Different Sealer Options You Should Consider For Your Driveway

Different Sealer Options You Should Consider For Your Driveway

A cracked or strained driveway not only degrades your property’s aesthetics but also depreciates its value and performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to treat your driveway with the best driveway concrete sealer. This way, not only can you extend its service life but also enhance your driveway’s appeal and performance by double.

As experts say, sealing a concrete driveway is not too expensive, nor does it require heavy machinery. If you plan to use a sealer on your driveway, feel free to connect with Straight Edge Contractors. We are an asphalt and concrete paving company ready to fulfill your pavement needs anywhere in Midland, TX, at affordable rates. Click here to get an estimate of our premium services today!

Choosing the best driveway concrete sealer can be overwhelming but not when you have our experts’ assistance. This blog includes top-class concrete sealers that can stave off stains and prevent discoloration from chemicals on driveways.

1. Quikrete Concrete Cure and Seal

Have you freshly laid your driveway? Quikrete Cure and Seal for concrete surfaces can be the best sealer for you. You have to apply it with a roller or a sprayer on the fresh concrete and wait for it to dry and harden for a few hours.

Once the sealant has been applied and has thoroughly dried, it will be left with a soft satin look, indicating that the driveway is ready to take on the vehicle’s weight. Moreover, your driveway won’t dry, crack, or flake quickly or easily after this concrete sealer has been applied.

2. Foundation Armor Clear Concrete Sealer

While other sealers tend to protect your driveway for a maximum of three years, Foundation Armor’s penetrating concrete sealer can protect for seven to ten years.

A single coat of this concrete sealer can keep the appearance of your driveway as good as new and prevent all de-icing chemicals, stains, salts, and other materials from ruining your driveway’s structure. Plus, the superior water-shedding ability and ease of application of this concrete sealer make it one of the top seller products around town.

3. Quikrete High Gloss Concrete Sealer

Often, property managers like giving their driveway a wet look. Here, Quikrete’s Concrete and Masonry High Gloss Sealer protects your driveway from grease and oil spills as well as food stains and de-icing chemicals.

However, ensure cleaning the spilled acids before it leaves a stain as it can dull the surface. Experts recommend two coats of this concrete sealer applied with a high-density foam roller for optimal results. It gives the driveway a beautiful wet look while enriching the blackness of the surface.

Lastly, before buying a concrete sealer for your driveway, ensure reading the product label and the technical sheet. You can search keywords such as dust proofing, resistance to oil, grease, acid, breathability, waterproofing, non-yellowing, and many more to get the best quality sealer with proven performance and results.

At Straight Edge Contractors, we offer premium driveway sealing, coating, and installation services in Midland, TX. Click here to explore our asphalt and concreteservices and book your slot for your next sealing project.