Considerations For Calculating The Cost Of A Line Striping Project

Considerations For Calculating The Cost Of A Line Striping Project

Line striping is a line painting technique used for traffic control. It includes applying line-markings to a surface and clearly indicating lane boundaries. Line marking can also be applied at intersections to guide pedestrians. The main purpose of line striping is safety.

You may be wondering how much does line striping cost? Well, it all depends on your specific project needs. When calculating line striping costs, there are many things to consider, including location, the number of line stripes needed, length of time, etc.

Let’s discuss these considerations in detail to understand what goes into a line striping project.


The location where you need to apply line stripes will play an essential role in determining the cost of your project because there are different types of striping products available for each environment (e.g., indoor vs. outdoor). When it comes to calculating your line striping project’s cost, there are many factors you should consider, such as:

  • Whether line striping is for indoors or outdoors
  • The surface of the line (e.g., solid or dotted line)
  • The line striping’s color

And more!

Number of Line Stripes Needed

The cost of line stripe projects can vary depending on the number of lines in your project and their size. The size and length of the lines you want to stripe or mark on your surface determines the number of line stripes needed for a project.

With line striping, it is usually best to use a line width of 12 inches or more. If you use less than this amount, the lines may be too small and difficult for people to see. To determine the cost, here are a few things you will have to consider:

  • line count
  • number of lines needed for your project
  • how many line stripes do you want to have in total?
  • line width and height
  • total line length
  • line spacing between stripes

Length of Time

Longer line striping projects require more time and effort, which also means they cost more. If you have a line striping request with an urgent deadline, it will cost more than a project with no urgency.

New Line Striping or Restriping?

You may hear line striping contractors ask you if you want new line striping or restriping because brand new line striping can cost up to three times more than simply restriping the same lines on an existing parking lot. This price difference is due to the equipment used and how long ago the parking lot was line striped.

Line striping is an essential part of any parking lot maintenance plan. It helps make your facility more safe, visible, and accessible for drivers in the area. Straight Edge Contractors LLC is here to help you with all your line striping needs. We are the go-to contractor for parking lot and traffic lane striping, as well as other asphalt services.

If your business requires line striping service, we would be happy to help. Give us a call today so we can schedule an appointment. Straight Edge Contractors LLC is here for all your asphalt paving, repair, and line-restriping requirements in Midland, TX.