Concrete Conundrum: Protecting Your Patio & Driveway From The Cold

Concrete Conundrum: Protecting Your Patio & Driveway From The Cold

The first snow of the year is one of those moments that you know you’re going to enjoy. The kids are finally home from school, and they’re happy as can be! This sounds great, but anyone with a driveway or patio knows how quickly ice and snow can build up on these surfaces in northern climates. So, what do you do when your pavement is at risk of damage due to heavy snow?

Protecting your patio and driveway from the cold can be a challenge. As we’ve seen in winter, snow and ice can make it difficult to shovel. Here are three ways to can protect our patios and driveways from the cold.

1) Remove Stills and Oil Stains 

What can you do to protect your patio and driveway from the cold? Remove stills, oil stains, grease spills, or other contaminants. These will freeze during a frosty night and ultimately damage surfaces when they melt again in springtime.

Oil stains and grease spills can also cause your tires to skid when driving over them. Be sure to remove any stains before the weather gets too cold outside. If left to their elements, the untreated stains can wreak havoc on your pavement’s foundation, especially if they go through the freeze-thaw cycle.

2) Seal your Driveway

If you haven’t seal coated the driveway in the last two years or so, now is the time to think about it seriously! Sealing the driveway before the winter will not only make your driveway last longer but also protect it from freeze-thaw damage. Hire a professional contractor like Straight Edge Contractors for the best results.

A quality sealer will be impervious to water as compared to other coatings that are less durable. You’ll want to apply an additional layer of coating for maximum protection against ice formation on your driveway surface. This is especially important if there’s a good chance of an early frost before year-end.

3) Remember to Clear Snow During Winters 

Once the winter sets in, you need to be on your toes at all times. Clear the accumulated snow as the weather settles and ensure your driveway is not inaccessible due to heaps of snow. Also, keep your sidewalk and patio free of any snow accumulation.

4) Clear All Patio Furniture and Accessories

Winter is not the time to hang out outdoors. So, bring all your patio furniture and accessories indoors. This will protect them from damage from the harsh winter elements. If you’ve got a central heating location customized to brave the winter season, you need to ensure the snow and the weather do not damage it!

Your concrete and asphalt surfaces are at risk during the winter season in El Paso. Take action now and call Straight Edge Contractors for a winter maintenance routine. We ensure that your pavement and patio are able to withstand the harsh cold, and customers can visit you without the risk of an accident. Get an estimate from our team now!