5 Ways Potholes Become The Bane Of Your Existence!

5 Ways Potholes Become The Bane Of Your Existence!

Potholes are horrible! They become nasty deluge collectors and are probably the reason why suspension maintenance is the star-offering of the town’s auto shops.

Potholes ought to be monitored from the moment raveling signals their conception and should be filled in by an expert company like Straight Edge Contractors in Midland, TX, as soon as they’re born. And why not? They are a trip hazard; they ruin the vehicles’ undercarriages, make parking lot management haphazard, and can make property prices drop wherever they manifest!

If you think you can navigate about them in your SUV, well, you should read ahead!

1. Potholes & Tires

Minor potholes are acceptable to pass over in your all-terrain tread, but deeper ones, especially where the buried rebar is exposed, can outright shred your tires and dent your rims. Say bonjour to your trusty mechanic and the woes of racking up repair costs!

2. Adieu Steering Alignment!

If traversing a pothole reminds you of that rodeo ride over at Old Miner’s Maze, your steering alignment is going the same way you went off the bull. Deep potholes direct destructive forces to your tires, suspension, and axle. All this culminates in a ‘pull’ developing in your steering control. This is extremely dangerous if neglected. Off to the auto shop again!

3. Achilles ‘Ankles’

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing steel toes or the iconic red-soled Louboutin’s; you all suffer an equal risk of ankle sprains if you happen to step into one while crossing the street, the sidewalk, or carrying your groceries to the parking lot. Of course, your car is okay, and walking is environmentally friendly, but your ankle will never be the same again!

4. Undercarriage Carnage

Low-ground clearance, or ride height, is the rage among teenagers & their cars! But it’s another story altogether when your swag is scraped out from under you. Yes, potholes tend to go for the undercarriage; their natural prey in the asphalt wilderness and low ground clearance make for a devastating meal.

5. The Asphalt Plague

When one pothole forms, it opens the remaining sub-course and pavement layers to water intrusion. It’s not that cold in Midland, but the freeze-thaw cycle is genuine. Then cracks start propagating, forming moisture-collecting channels that further distress the pavement. You end up with alligator & block cracks, courtesy of the pothole. These bloom into a population of locally-bred potholes, straight in for the harm!

Straight Edge Contractors prefer to keep these eyesores out of sight with quality asphalt & concrete repairs & maintenance offered across Texas. We are mainly active in Midland, and we implore you to protect your property prices by having us fix your potholed pavement. Considering that, your vehicles & ankles can feel safer in low ride heights & high heels!

Thinking about those Louboutin’s, aren’t you? Get in touch with us for no-obligation quotes on our ankle-protection services!