5 Reasons Why Your Parking Lot May Need A Line Striping Makeover

5 Reasons Why Your Parking Lot May Need A Line Striping Makeover

Ensuring that the lines in your parking lot are fresh and visible is something all property managers and owners should make sure of. While it might not appear to be a big issue, even if the lines fade, it is.

Line striping is a critical feature for commercial parking lots, which is why they need restriping every 12 to 14 months. The maximum amount of time the line striping can last is two years.

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Below are five solid reasons why your parking lot might need a line striping makeover.

Increase in fender-benders

An increase in fender-benders, broken taillights, and accidents in your parking lot, indicate faded line stripes; The lines in the parking lot alert drivers where they need to drive carefully, where to stop or wait, like pedestrian crossing and lanes.

Thus, if the indicators fade, drivers’ will end up making mistakes, and since those accidents were caused due to your negligence and ill-maintenance, you can end up with a lawsuit.

Sloppy parking

An indicator that your parking lot needs line striping is sloppy parking. If drivers cannot see the lines clearly, they will park their cars outside a parking stall or against the fishbone.

Line striping highlights parking spots so drivers know where they can and cannot park. Line striping maximizes parking space by the smart allocation of the space. If no space is wasted due to incorrect or inefficient parking, drivers can leave the parking lot without inconvenience. Also, drivers will be able to climb out of their cars easily without scratching the neighboring vehicles.

Misuse of accessibility stalls

As per the ADA guidelines related to parking lots, a specific number of accessibility spots need to be dedicated to people with disabilities. Furthermore, it is the property manager’s job to ensure that handicapped parking spots are not used by regular drivers by putting up signs, line striping, and placing fines.

Therefore, if the line striping fades and ADA guidelines are violated, the commercial parking lot owners can be sued or incur hefty fines. So if drivers are repeatedly misusing accessibility parking, consider getting the line striping redone.

Obscured visibility

Line striping needs to be visible even in the worst conditions. However, if drivers cannot see the lines in your parking lot due to a thin cover of snow or rainwater after a storm, then it is probably time that you get a fresh coat painted over your existing line striping.

Worn down wheel stops

Line striping around a stall also indicates the presence of wheel stops to clients. However, if the marking in your parking lot fade, drivers cannot break in time due to the lack of a proper indication. As a result, the wheel stops disappear under the vehicle’s bumpers and wheels, which causes damage and scuff marks.

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