3 Methods To Stop Weed Growth In Your Concrete Pavement

3 Methods To Stop Weed Growth In Your Concrete Pavement

Weeds are a nuisance that can ruin a beautiful paver floor. Weeds growing between paving stones or within joints cause unsightly patches that are not only unattractive, but they also attract pests such as roaches and ants. Homeowners need to take action before weeds take over their new paver installation! Here are three ways you can stop weed growth.

1. Use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide on Your Lawn Every Year

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from sprouting in the first place by blocking them before they can get a foothold. It’s essential to apply these herbicides at the right time since they work best when applied at least three months before weeds emerge and then again two weeks after application if rain is expected within that time frame. You should also make sure you only use pre-emergent on lawns as it can harm other plants!

Using pre-emergent herbicides on your lawn each year prevents weed growth between paving stones or joints, giving your paver installation an even cleaner appearance. It also helps in cleaning paving stones and ensuring no dirt collects around them.

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2. Don’t Keep the Grass Too Short

Regularly mowing the lawn is an excellent way to keep weeds away, but not if you cut the grass too short! If your blade cuts off more than two inches of healthy green turf, then it will leave an unprotected edge where weed seeds can germinate and take hold in the soil. Mow at least three times a month for best results: this means approximately one inch every time! When cutting your grass, make sure that you don’t have any tall bushes or trees nearby, as these may block the sunlight from reaching those areas right under them. The less sun on certain sections of your yard, the greater chance they’ll become overgrown with weeds.

3. Install a Pre-Formed Weed Barrier Under Concrete Pavers

A weed barrier will prevent weeds from coming up through the concrete pavers and reaching the surface. There are two types of pre-formed weed barriers: plastic sheets installed quickly or a felt mat system that takes more time to install, but is much stronger than plastic. We recommend using both methods for complete prevention against weeds growing through the pavers for new paver installations. If you’re dealing with an existing installation, then use just one method to cover exposed areas so that no new weeds grow there as well.

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